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Friday, December 4, 2009

Anyone seen Kadence?

Oh there she is.......BEHIND Santa! I thought for sure this year that pictures with Santa would turn out a bit better than the past attempts. Yeah well not so Addison was all about sitting in "The Lap". She was the first to get in line to tell him "What I really wanted mostest in the whole world."
Flashback: Two weeks before she tells me " Momma, I really really really need a LuLu Cuddlin Kitty, that is white and brown and rolls over and meows, for Christmas. If I don't get LuLu then I will just be a FAILURE!" Come on what 3 year old thinks she will be a failure if she doesn't get a particular item for Christmas????? My kid, my 3 going on 15 kid!
So she is the first in line and soon as they give the okay that Santa is ready she busts through the door and jumps in his lap and says "Santa, I think you need to write this down so you don't forget....I NEED LuLu the Cuddlin Kitty she is a frillfriend (Furreal Friend)and she is white and brown and she rolls over and meows and lays down and she is so so cute and I NEED her so very bad." Why didn't I take a video? It was so cute.
Kadence didn't cry, God bless her little self but she refused to uncover her eyes while she was close to Santa. He even gave her candy, so at the last minute she got about two feet from him and yelled swiftly " I want pitter patter pup, black and white. " The she turned around and ran straight back to Bama. Maybe next year we'll get a good photo of both girls with Santa?
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