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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Social Media As an Agent for Change

Over the last year protest against government corruption have broke out all over the country of Brazil. Social media strategist, Lauren Moberst describes this movement as a social media fueled revolution (Moberst, 2013). Citizens are using it to get information out, establish demonstrations and strike awareness. They feel as if the public media has misrepresented them as extremist with no cause and so they are using tools such as memes, gifs, and videos to accurately depict the reality. Memes are describe by Knobel & Lankshear as viral marketing utilized to encourage social phenomena (Knobel & Lankshear, 2007). These are posted to sites such as Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine and YouTube. The videos posted give a strong idea to the mass of citizens that these messages are reaching. Some videos have literally thousands of people in the streets dissenting the current administration. One representation even shows Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg pictured on Instagram with a snipit for change. This really proves how far reaching the hand of social media is. For people to rise even if not in direct connection with the country is a great statement. As you can see in the stats below Brazil is becoming a very amplified in social media use.

 A demonstrator holds a Brazilian national flag during a protest in downtown Rio de Janeiro  Photo: CHRISTOPHE SIMON/AFP/Getty Images

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Moberst, L. (2013). Social Media Engages the World in the #ChangeBrazil Movement. Retrieved from

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Protecting Your Brand

The Forbes Twitter account was researched for the project. This company posts to the social media forum multiple times per day. It seems as if most posts are every hour on the hour, even through the weeks end. They often display business tips, encouragements, trends and diverse topics on financials. Messaged are intended to reach a broad audience, from football to psychology. In my opinion, this organization pushes the use of Twitter to its limit. They recognize the importance of assortment but post so frequently that it is hard to maintain a general interest. Instead of making a connection it comes across as a blatant occupation. Charlene Kingston, social media examiner, notes that Twitter is a great tool to get out short ideas or statements that compliment your brand (Kingston, 2013). On a negative note, the @forbes didn’t seem to be retweeted compared to the amount of original tweets. This would mean a good bit of the information isn’t striking enough, or high in popularity and interest, to be shared.


Kingston, C. (2013). How to Use Twitter for Business and Marketing. Retrieved from
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Sunday, December 29, 2013

E-Mail Marketing

Hello Friends,

A Journey Through The Fields is getting ready to ramp up for 2014. Join us to see what the family will be accomplishing. We are going to cover a lifestyle change for the Fields’ by getting in shape and eating healthy. They’ll be new recipes and experiences to share. See what Addison and Kadence get into while taking on their new adventure as horse owners. Laugh and cry with Bama and Cassie as they learn what the farm life is all about while juggling family, career, marriage and a social life. Even more exciting is that there will be great giveaways for commenting readers throughout the year. Better stay tuned in,  you never know what kind of journey is next.

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